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A suite of tools to support conceptual design through to operational optimisation.


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Cotopaxi provides a service of advanced cogeneration diagnostics and KPI calculations. These are delivered as part of a service to support initial design through to plant operation. 

When energy is being generated some of this energy is ‘wasted’. Power generation sees a lot of energy being lost in relation to the amount of useful energy generated, and in premises where heat and power are generated separately this can equate to a lot of energy being wasted needlessly, which in turn equates to higher costs and low energy efficiency.

The use of cogeneration to provide heat and power makes more efficient use of the energy
generated, and as a result the amount of energy lost is reduced.

The solution enables organisations to develop a greater understanding of key cogeneration process flows, as well as the ability to simulate possible future scenarios, set benchmarks for the site, validate the operation and identify area to improve the process. Our comprehensive service offering provides support to organisations at all stages of the journey, from initial design to implementation at the plant.

Bio & CHP Services PDF
  • Steam System Profiling
  • Identifying the Steam System
  • Boiler Efficiency inc combustion analysis
  • Effectiveness of resource utilization
  • System losses
  • Boiler controls and optimization
  •  Steam trap audit
  • Benchmarking against best practice

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