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Cotopaxi provide a complete site boiler and steam audit service. It encapsulates the entire process from fuel-in to condensate return.

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Apart from energy efficiency, it also covers the operational maintenance aspects required to reach best practice. Following the survey, we will be able to detail how our eXpert Boiler solution will provide an on-going monitoring and optimisation solution for your facility.

Cotopaxi offers a comprehensive site boiler and steam audit service to organisations using steam boilers on their premises, which covers the entire process from fuel in to condensate return. The audit will enable organisations to operate steam boilers as efficiently as possible, and this will identify how effective resources are being used and how much energy is being lost from the boiler in order to formulate improvements going forward.
In addition, the audit will also cover maintenance and operational aspects in order to achieve best practice, optimum boiler efficiency and in turn the potential to reduce costs.

BS ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems.

All of the above tools and techniques are aligned to the BS ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems. Therefore, on completion of a business review and implementation the organisation can gain accreditation for this work.


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Cotopaxi can support improvements in your boiler efficiency using the following services:

  • Steam System Profiling
  • Identifying the Steam System
  • Boiler Efficiency inc combustion analysis
  • Effectiveness of resource utilization
  • System losses
  • Boiler controls and optimization
  •  Steam trap audit
  • Benchmarking against best practice
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