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In today’s financial climate all operating costs within a business are coming under ever increasing amounts of focus. With the continual increase in energy prices, energy has now become a significant cost for manufacturing plants.

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The management of energy requires specific controls and procedures to give the level of awareness and control that are undoubtedly in place for other significant costs within your business.

There should be a clear strategic plan which is aligned to your business plan; this should then be communicated to the business / operators to change behaviours in the use of energy. The third element is the equipment consuming or generating the energy. To operate this equipment at its optimum performance requires technical knowledge and experience.

BS ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems.

All of the above tools and techniques are aligned to the BS ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems. Therefore, on completion of a business review and implementation the organisation can gain accreditation for this work.


Cotopaxi can support your organisation in delivering improvements in your energy performance using proven methods, tools and techniques:

  • Energy policy / strategy development
  • Communication strategies
  • Training
  • Metering strategies
  • Installation of automated M&T software solutions
  • Energy opportunity / project identification and reviews
  • Technology reviews
  • Process optimisation

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