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Systematically delivering savings and improving facility reliability

eXpert-Boiler® offers a holistic life cycle view of reliability and energy consumption in boiler systems, covering the energy conversion process at every stage from fuel in to condensate return. 

Through condition monitoring and optimising the steam load profile, an improvement in boiler system efficiency, reliability and maintenance will be realised. eXpert-Boiler® also ensures the boilers are working within their design specification and operating safely. Finally, eXpert-Boiler® will aid the maintenance regimes for the boiler, guiding sites towards best practice in boiler operation.

The eXpert Boiler® product consists of a central PLC, HMI and sensor array which optimises flue gas, air-to-fuel ratio, feedwater pumping, condensate recovery and blow-down in conjunction with minimizing end loads and load smoothing (boiler sequencing). The system is capable of being extended by introducing or retrofitting VSDs (variable speed drives) on the FD fans. The solution challenges the process itself, looking for steam load reduction scenarios and implementation of new technology. All of these options help drive towards improved monitoring and targeting.


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Energy Reduction


Improvement in motor reliability


Reduction in motor inventories


Reduction in maintenance costs

Our approach

With vast experience in energy management, we understand our clients needs and our processes are geared toward reducing change management and providing optimum performance. 

Initial scoping audit to map site

Engage with site team, prioritize

Drive M&T strategy around fridge plant

Cooling balance and load profiling

Benchmarking against best practice

Identify opportunities

Final report and presentation to team

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