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Monitoring & Targeting

M&T enables the identification of an increase (or decrease) in energy use within a business, specifically locating how, when and where energy waste occurs.

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Each system is bespoke to cater to the individual needs of an organisation, taking into account a number of variables.

M&T allows a business to observe consumption trends, and to utilise this information when planning future changes. In addition to planning ahead, it also allows businesses to log how energy changes have occurred in the past and to target specific areas of wasted energy.

M&T gives organisations the tools to control their energy consumption costs, rather than just accepting them. The ultimate goal is to reduce energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management. People will undoubtedly play a major role in the success of an M&T system and they need to be given clear responsibility, accountability, and training. This in turn generates the motivation and knowledge required to drive and support the changes necessary to deliver the potential improvements.


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