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Delivering global energy management solutions

Gaining a reputation for any service or product worldwide is no mean feat, Cotopaxi have quickly gained a reputation for efficiency and attention to detail. Call us today to find out how we are creating a paradigm shift in sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Our experience

Our team of established consultants and engineers at Cotopaxi, have rich experience in consulting and service. Together the team have been involved in many industrial energy audits, with specialist knowledge of Boiler, Steam Systems, Refrigeration, Compressed Air, Drives and Lighting, providing a professional service for some of the worlds largest and most recognisable companies.

The services listed below have been honed over a collective 100 years of experience and always with the latest technology and best practice at the heart of everything we do.

Energy Management Consultancy

Cotopaxi provide energy consultancy to a wide range of manufacturing businesses using a proven approach that identifies and delivers significant savings to the bottom line of the organisation.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

M&T enables the identification of an increase (or decrease) in energy use within a business, specifically locating how, when and where energy waste occurs.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Cotopaxi offers consultancy services to organisations and non-domestic building owners seeking to gain accreditation to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme in the United Kingdom.

Boiler Efficiency Analysis

Cotopaxi provide a complete site boiler and steam audit service. It encapsulates the entire process from fuel-in to condensate return. Apart from energy efficiency, it also covers the operational maintenance aspects required to reach best practice.

Bio Energy Solutions

Cotopaxi provide a service of advanced Cogeneration diagnostics and KPI calculations. These are delivered as part of a service to support initial design through to plant operation.

Due Diligence Audits

Cotopaxi offer a Due Diligence service for organisations involved in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) providing technical due diligence on the installed asset base such as Boilers, refrigeration, water treatment, effluent treatment, electrical infrastructure etc.

Energy Training

Cotopaxi offers a 2 day industrial Energy Training course, which can be delivered at a clients premises or in the offices of Cotopaxi in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, providing a solid foundation of practical Monitoring and Targeting techniques.

Bio Energy Solutions

Cotopaxi provide a service of advanced Cogeneration diagnostics and KPI calculations. These are delivered as part of a service to support initial design through to plant operation.

Bore Hole Solution

Cotopaxi offer a geophysical data logging services for customers situated in the UK and worldwide. We have worked extensively throughout the UK for the Geotechnical and Mineral Exploration industries.

Tell us about your project

We’d love to hear about your energy management plans, the earlier we are involved the more we can bring to the table.

Our project workflow

We research & analyse

Research is one of the most important aspects of what we do. There are multiple facets to each projects and design or improvement cannot take place without the correct attention to these phases.


We design & develop

We use our knowledge gained from our research team and collaborate to design and develop more efficient systems, practices and installations to ensure our milestones are met.


We analyse again & improve

As with everything we do, from Energy Consultancy to Software Engineering, we are continually reviewing and adjusting our technology, frameworks and working practices to provide the best possible overall service.

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