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Improving reliability and energy consumption in motor systems

eXpert Motor® offers an holistic life cycle view of reliability and energy consumption in motor systems covering the energy conversion process at every stage (power supply, motor, coupling, gearbox, drive, pump [or driven system], throttle, pipe losses, process control).

For each motor application it calculates and trends real-time motor system efficiency. This will then automatically generate suggestions on improving efficiency and reliability based on system load factors and conditions (run hours, phase imbalance, vibration, motor temperature, number of starts/stops). Corrective actions are escalated via Strata, offering intelligent energy efficiency diagnostics and dynamic upgrade planning.

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Up to 60%

Energy reduction

Up to 30%

System reliability improvements

Up to 30%

Reduction in motor inventories

Up to 20%

Reduction in maintenance costs

Up to 7%

Reduction in downtime

Our approach

With vast experience in energy management, we understand our clients needs and our processes are geared toward reducing change management and providing optimum performance. 

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Compile Database

Launch eXpert motor

Implement base cover from day 1

Compile sensitivity reports

Upgrade selective motor systems

Install telemetry

Implement extended services

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